Finding the Right Poker Coach

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paydayrbt.comFinding the Right Poker Coach. The internet is full of poker coaches these days. With all the money that floats around online poker games, in casinos, in home games, etc., the game is flooded with more and more people who want to learn to play and get a piece of the cake. With this influx of players comes the influx of teachers. However, all poker coaches are not created equal and finding the right one for you can be a challenge. It can also be crucial to not spend your money and improve your game.

I think having a poker coach is an excellent idea, if not essential

You will not find a professional golfer without a swing coach, or a baseball player without a batting instructor, why should poker be different? In a game that involves so much mental application, having a third party to observe, analyze and help your game is a very good thing.

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The first thing that most people see is the price of a coach

Most coaches charge a fairly high hourly rate. Why? Because they can earn money playing Bandar poker, so if they are going to stop playing to teach, they have to replace the income they are losing by not playing. Most coaches charge in the range of $ 200 to $ 350 per hour and that’s a lot of money. There are some coaches that are cheaper, but are they as good or do you get what you pay for?

When choosing a coach you must forget about the price

 The price is irrelevant compared to what you will earn in your poker life if your game improves. What you should do instead is choose one that fits what you want to do. Some of the best coaches offer a short conference BEFORE you spend your money to see if they are good for your training and vice versa. In other words, you do not want a coach who specializes in cash games to teach you how to play tournaments try to make it to the WSOP. It is not wise if you want to be a Sit n Go player to choose a coach who only plays big multi-table tournaments.

The bottom line is that you need to qualify your coach before you pay him. The fact that it is more expensive or has won a tournament somewhere does not mean that it is the coach for you. There are many options out there, look for the one that suits you and then go from there.